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Learn and develop more efficiently at work

A place to share on-the-job experiences, hear from industry experts, and collaborate on issues relevant to your organisation.

Thread supports the ongoing development of your people, against the objectives of your organisation.

Drive a learning culture in your organisation

Set and adjust company goals

Fundamental to business strategy are the behaviours and actions of your people to drive it. Thread gives you a focused space to communicate these goals, and directs to content and networks for action.

Give voice to senior leaders

Subject and strategic experts in a business easily become thinly stretched. Keep the buy-in and priority on your learning objectives clear through sharing the views of your leaders in Thread.

Share your workplace stories

Highly valuable knowledge is organic, and as a result, often lost. Thread creates a light-touch way to offer insights on current topics of interest, when it’s relevant.

Showcase your emerging talent

Want to identify the next generation of thought leaders in the business? Thread will bubble up those who are expressing opinions and views, at all levels within your organisation.

Attract, develop and retain your business leaders

Increase critical “soft” skills

Many learning systems focus on increasing domain knowledge: how to improve practical skills for your chosen profession. Thread develops the more individual and rapidly evolving soft-skills, such as leadership, self-awareness or emotional intelligence.

Access internal expertise

Large organisations have many expert thinkers and mentors in various subjects who are often untapped, constrained by business unit or location. With Thread, members can connect with experts for the knowledge that is needed.

There’s no rigid timetable

Highly structured linear courses can be difficult to make time for. Thread delivers value in incremental small ways, to grow and develop without large blocks of time investment.

Tap into our executive network

Senior leaders benefit from connecting to similar-level thinkers in other organisations, to leverage their experience. As a members-only platform, Thread represents a growing group of executives who can draw on each other as circumstance demands.

Blending structured and unstructured learning

One part of the whole

Melbourne Business School and Mt Eliza Executive Education offer a range of customised, tailored or open programs to develop your people. Our team can work with you to construct the right mix of face-to-face, action learning, and on-the-job development to achieve your objectives. Thread acts as the glue between each element of a development program.

Guided development

Best practice people development takes structure and effort. Our experience in designing learning programs helps to provide this, which is delivered through the “learning guide” in Thread. The guide offers participants a roadmap for their development, to help provide focus and context to their learning.

Support continuous growth

Learning shouldn’t stop when the course is completed. The same is true for executive education. By being part of an active network of peers and exposed to thought leadership, Thread helps members to apply, reinforce, and continue learning from the springboard of structured program elements.

70% of learning happens on the job

Thread integrates the elements of a program, bringing together the 70/20/10.

Its focus is firmly workplace-centric, helping participants to apply formal learnings and continue to grow on the job.

The best of individualised
and social learning

Thread puts the individual in the driver's seat

Follow topics of interest to push relevant content and people to the surface. Skim the homepage for fresh insights in your chosen topics.

Browse a subject in depth, reading thinking by worldwide experts via content partners such as Harvard and 50 Lessons.

Connect with peers

Thread is a business network. It brings together our global pool of educators and you, the business leaders of today, in a platform designed to foster networking. Connect with like-minded members from your cohort or others on the same program.

Identify colleagues or peers in the wider network who have strengths or skills to assist with your workplace challenges. Have private conversations via a Huddle, or organise a face-to-face.

Share opinions, gain insights

The body of thought leadership in Thread’s content serves as a campfire, for members to gather around and share ideas. Users can contribute opinions on subjects of interest, and hear the experience from what others have tried.

We've all used long-winded or clumsily structured 'e-learning' tools.
Thread is different.
It will extend your thinking in small ways each visit.

Matt Williams, Melbourne Business School

Brought to you by
the leaders in learning

Developed by Melbourne Business School Executive Education

A big part of learning happens on the job. Many people know this, but there hasn’t been a way to make it easier. So we developed Thread, a simple way to help our clients facilitate learning in the workplace. And this is only the beginning.

International partnerships that
expand your thinking

We’ve created partnerships with some of the most trusted worldwide providers of expertise in senior and executive development.


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